Athena’s tombstone, part one – Halloween 2020

Parts for a tombstone for the goddess Athena for my Halloween graveyard (Image Credit: Brian Angliss)
So my Halloween graveyard has tombstones for various deities from mythology and fiction. Last year I had Cthulhu’s tombstone and one for Yog-Sothoth that I didn’t quite finish (I hope to finish it for this year, but my plan is to light it with multicolor LEDs so that could take some time). This year I’m definitely making Athena’s tombstone and the obelisk I posted the partial plans for, plus anything else I’m able to pull together in time. We’ll see.

The photo at right is the output of my YaeTek hot wire cutter bought and that was delivered yesterday. Several half cylinders that I’ll glue together and then melt flutes into them so they look like Doric columns, plus the first two lines of foam text for the epitaph: “Here lies Athena…”

I’d really like to get the dual tombstone for Odin and Frigga at some point too, but I’m thinking of lighting that one internally, so before I start working it I need to have a solid plan for how to make it glow or sparkle (I’m thinking fiber optic lights with a Bluetooth controller at the moment, but we’ll see).

I’ll share more photos of this and other tombstone builds as I get through them. Come back for more!

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