Fascism in America

Ever since I took a Fascism and Nazism class my Junior year of college, I’ve been writing reading and writing about fascism. I’ve always been very careful not to call someone a fascist who didn’t legitimately earn the title. Unfortunately, fascism has reared it’s head in the United States since the turn of the millennium, and it’s accelerated it’s takeover of US politics since the 2016 election.

I’ve linked my various pieces at Scholars & Rogues below, and I’ll be adding more as I publish them here as well.

Generic fascism

Donald Trump is a fascist (the original 2016 series)

Trump supporters as Brownshirts (Image Credit: Paul Szep via Scholars & Rogues)
Image Credit: Sam Smith via Scholars & Rogues

Donald Trump is still a fascist (revisit started in 2018)

  • Donald Trump is still a fascist – 2018 (Part 1): In 1994 I learned a set of characteristics that apply to authentic fascists and under what conditions they can come into power. Based on this definition, I said Donald was a fascist before the 2016 election. Since he’s been in office, the evidence in support of that contention has grown much stronger.
  • Donald Trump is still a fascist – Part 2 (update): Since taking office, Donald has become noticeably more fascist (in an authentic 1930’s, Benito Mussolini way), at least according to the characteristics that historian of fascism Stanley G. Payne researched and described.
  • Donald Trump is still a fascist – Part Three: Historian Roger Griffin’s definition of fascism – palingenesis, populism, and ultranationalism – is deceptively simple. There are literally hundreds of examples of things that Donald has done since he took office that support each of the three main points of Griffin’s definition.
  • Donald Trump is still a fascist – Part Four: Kevin Passmore’s definition of fascism has ten characteristics split across five main areas. Donald matches or partially matches all of the characteristics.

Donald Trump, his Administration, and the Republican Party are fascist (the final 2020 series)

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