I would like to eliminate the phrase "school shooter" and replace it with "mass murderer at a school." Add the word "attempted" when no-one dies. Words have power.

If your religion tells you it's OK to hate someone else because they're different from you, or if it values money over people, your religion sucks. Find a better one.

We need to move past 9/11

I'm glad I'm not a politician because I don't think I could summon the necessary patriotic fervor today. Eventually we have to leave horrible things like 9/11 in the past. Reopening the wounds every year just keeps us from healing, and the US desperately needs to heal. The US suffered from collective insanity after the... Continue Reading →

Heathens and apostates and blasphemers treat Jesus with more respect than Evangelicals who see him as a "get out of hell free" card.

Freedom to stop supporting a business that doesn't match your values is not censorship.

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