No mask, no service

"No mask, no service" is only controversial because the people affected by it are used to being on the giving end of such restrictions, not the receiving end.

Not all opinions are created equal. Opinions that are informed by facts, data, logic, and science are better than opinions that are not. And opinions that are based on fantasy, misinformation, wishful thinking, and ignorance are the least of all.

Wearing a flag (or even a flag-printed shirt/pants) is not patriotism, it's nationalism and jingoism. It's also disrespectful of the flag per the US Flag Code (4 US Code ยง 8). If you don't like being criticized for being disrespectful, you have it in your control to stop wearing flag clothing.

There comes a point when the people demand the government do something. When the majority is large enough, that's not tyranny anymore - it's representative democracy in action. At that point, if the government fails to do what the people demand, that's tyranny.

I put "he/him" in my Twitter profile, and I love it when "conservatives" claim it's against science. That is incorrect. Sex is not binary at the genetic or physiological levels. Gender is defined culturally, and many cultures do not have strict binary genders.

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