The Daedalnexus comment policy

Before I get too many comments on my posts, I’d like to establish an comment policy for anyone choosing to comment.

First, all comments are moderated. This is not your personal soapbox. If you want an unfettered discussion where you can say anything you want, take it somewhere else.

Second, be respectful even in your disagreement, with me or other commenters. If you disagree with someone else, attack their argument, not them personally. No slurs will be tolerated.

Third, stay on topic. I recognize that threads can wander and have helped them along myself from time to time. But don’t drag guns into a climate change discussion or vice-versa unless you can make a really solid connection somehow. If things wander too far afield, even if I’m the one at fault, I may stop the line of discussion, not moderate any new comments through, or even delete entire threads.

Fourth, argue in good faith. Reasonable people can disagree for good reasons and most things in life don’t have a single right way to do it, but Gish gallops, blatant dishonesty, gaslighting, and the like will be deleted, possibly without warning. Repeat failures to argue in good faith will get you blocked.

Thanks, and welcome to The Daedalnexus.

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