Sweden, so-called “herd immunity,” and intellectual honesty

So earlier today I engaged with a gentleman on Twitter (who shall remain unidentified for the the moment) on the subject of Sweden’s alleged “herd immunity.” I showed using multiple sources that his perceptions of Sweden were incorrect, but he refused to change his mind.

OK, fair enough.

I ultimately asked him if he would publicly admit his error if/when Sweden sees a rise in COVID cases/hospitalizations/deaths and offered that I would if the rise didn’t happen.

Crickets. No response of any kind. Which was not a surprise, but was disappointing, especially given he described himself as someone who only cared about facts and numbers (his refusal to acknowledge facts and numbers that opposed his narrative notwithstanding).

For my part I’ll stick to my offer. If Sweden shows that they have, in fact, reached so-called “herd immunity,” I will publicly admit that I was wrong.

But at that point, if he is unwilling to own up to his own mistake, then I’m going to name and shame him for it.

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