Beer Review: Black Denim Jacket Stout, by Outer Range Brewing

Black Denim Jacket Stout, by Outer Range Brewing
Verdict: Soooo yummy. And since it’s close to ski areas where I’ll be skiing this winter, I may have to make a stop by to get some on draft. Definitely get again.

Maker: Outer Range Brewing, Frisco, Colorado.

Style: Stout

Description I don’t know if Black Denim Jacket is technically an Irish or American stout, and frankly I don’t care. It’s dark and malty and smooth, and the alcohol content is low enough that I can enjoy several in a row if I want to. And after the first one, I really, really wanted to. This is a truly delicious beer.

My only concern is that it’s not on ORBs website at the moment, which makes me nervous that I won’t be able to enjoy it again, which would be a serious bummer.

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