Halloween 2020 – Athena’s headstone painted and obelisk parts cut out

The three photos below are three stages of Athena’s headstone. The leftt is fully constructed and patched up, the middle is after I intentionally damaged it, and the right is fully painted (sorry about the color – gray with a white background is tricky to photo with a cell pone) Now Athena’s headstone is ready for the final bit of detailing. I’m going to age it with very watered down paint. I did this with Cthulhu’s headstone (my first last for Halloween 2019) and I’m going to do it here too.

We’ll see how readable the headstone is in dark lighting, and if it’s readabl then I’ll leave it be. If not, I may lighten or darken the top surface of the letters some. I’m guessing at the moment that the “aging” I’m going to do will probably increase the contrast around the letters some.

So I’m getting really close to being done with Athena’s headstone and so far, I really like it.

The photo below shows all the separate parts that I’m going to use to create the the obelisk for Anpu, aka Anubis. I’m hoping to be able to put it together in two pieces, but if not, well, at least it’s made out of lightweight XPS foam, right?

While I’m putting it together and fitting everything, I’ll be figuring out what color to paint everything. I’m thinking the same light gray for the base that I’ve already got (or may be a little darker), but I’m also looking at making the top quite a bit darker, more like polished black granite or basalt. But we’ll see. I have some time to work out those details while I’m sanding and gluing everything else.

As an aside, I’m discovering that I am slowly acquiring a decent number of woodworking tools of various types. I’m just not using them for wood.

Obelisk foam is all cut out and ready for fitting, minus the fine detail work (Image credit: Brian Angliss)

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