Athena’s tombstone, part 2 – Halloween 2020

Routed owl head detail (Image Credit: Brian Angliss)
Today I tried something new with my Dremel. I taped the owl head design I got off the internet to the headstone in the location I wanted it and then used a plunge router bit in my Dremel to route out the design directly. The previous two designs I didn’t even use my Dremel at all, doing all the work with an X-acto knife. But this was way faster. Next time I need to do a design I’ll route out most of it and then us a blade for the sharp bits.

The other thing I’ll do next time is not do this with standard office paper. I’ll transfer the design to tracing paper instead. The amount of fine paper dust the bit made was insane.

This is all the engraving I’ll be doing for this headstone. The rest of it is stuff I’m gluing to the surface (lettering and Doric columns).

So far, so good.

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