Beer Review: Hazyish IPA, by Avery Brewing

Hazyish IPA by Avery Brewing
Verdict: I’d drink it again, but it’s a bit too light on the hops and not dark enough for my tastes.

Maker: Avery Brewing Company, Boulder, Colorado

Style: India Pale Ale, unfiltered

Description: Very light, unfiltered, sweet, and I agree with the can – juicy. The bitterness is quite mild, especially for an IPA, but it’s also not hoppy enough (it is possible to have hoppy without the bitter if you try). If you’re looking for something that has a light flavor like a wheat beer, but is a little heftier and has some more hops, this may be your beer.

Story: Ever since Boulder Beer Company announced they were shutting down their brewing facility and contracting their brewing to Sleeping Giant in Denver, I’ve been looking for an alternative to Boulder’s Hazed and Infused. When I saw Avery’s Hazyish IPA, I figured I’d give it a shot to see if it might be an acceptable alternative.

It isn’t, and so the search continues. It’s not a bad beer. It’s just not what I was looking for.

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