If you’re offended by the reports that Russia offered bounties for dead US soldiers in Afghanistan, great. But if you think that the US hasn’t done the exact same thing to Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran, et al, you’re naive.

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  1. People are more concerned with the fact that the “president” has no interest in his daily briefings.
    Believing your unsupported statement about the US “doing the same thing” would be naive. We’ve never even been involved militarily with China, for one.

    1. The Korean War was the last time the US was militarily involved with China, as they were backstopping the North Koreans. But I’ll admit that I have no proof of my broader claim. What I do have is the long history of the US engaging in superpower foreign policy where we’ve toppled unfriendly but democratically elected governments and installed friendly dictators instead (the Shah in Iran, Guatemala in 1954), providing arms and training to the Taliban during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, Iran-Contra, our recent abandonment of the Syrian Kurds, to say nothing of the justification of torture and the policy of extraordinary rendition by the Bush Administration as part of the so-called War on Terror.

      Superpower politics and foreign policy doesn’t concern itself with moral vs. immoral, only what is “in the national interest” or “not in the national interest.” Given our history, can you honestly say you think that the US would be above offering bounties for dead enemies?

      1. I can honestly say that I believe some of our leaders would be against that kind of behavior. Maybe even a majority. Not Reagan or his neocon cabal, obviously. Certainly not the rotting mango currently occupying the white house. I think the consternation is not so much surprise that Russia did it, but disgust at the behavior of Trump. The abandonment of the Kurds is part and parcel of his perpetual romance with Putin.

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