Athena’s tombstone, part 3 – Halloween 2020

Athena’s headstone at the start of 8/4/2020 (Image Credit: Brian Angliss)

Athena’s headstone – lettering complete (Image Credit: Brian Angliss)

So working from home has one major advantage that I didn’t realize – my Halloween decoration construction is going much faster. Gluing a row of letters on is about a 30 minute exercise every 4ish hours, and that works really well with a cadence of “glue a row at Breakfast, another at lunch, another for a break in the afternoon, another in the evening before bed.” And that’s how I was able to get from having two rows of lettering done at the start of the day yesterday to having all the lettering done this morning.

Today I’ll be gluing the Doric columns on the sides starting at the top and working my way down to the bottom one segment at a time.

I also started preparations for the big obelisk I’ve designed with some glue tests and YouTube research. My first glue (Loctite PL foamboard glue) wasn’t ideal for large gluing large panels together and I’m hoping the Gorilla glue spray works better. It showed a little bit of surface melt due to the solvent(s) in the can, so it may not be a good plan at this point. There may be some techniques that can reduce that – I’ll have to do another experiment if this current one is even remotely acceptable. I’ll know more tonight at the 24 hour mark when I take my test sample and slice it up with the hot wire cutter.

If I can’t get the spray to work I may just go with the Gorilla Glue original and spread it as well as I can over 8 square feet with a big piece of scrap wood…. Yeah, spray would be preferable if it works.

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