Your rights come with responsibilities

Protestors including Ammon Bundy gathered to protest the arrest of anti-vaxxer Sara Brady in Idaho. (Image credit: Facebook, by way of Daily Mail)
You have the right to live free and do stupid things that get you killed. You know, like not getting yourself vaccinated and gathering in large groups during a pandemic. What you don’t have is the right to do stupid things that get others killed.

Your right to “live free or die” ends when it infringes on the rights of others. If your anti-vax opinions get your children killed, you’ve lost the right to be anti-vax. If your unwillingness to wear a facemask or to social distance during a pandemic means you or your kids infect others, you’ve lost the right to go outside your home bare-faced, or maybe to leave your home at all.

Never forget that exercising your rights means you must also exercise them responsibly. If you fail to exercise them responsibly, the rest of us will demand that the government step in and be responsible for you.

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