Beer review: Guinness Draught Stout, in pub cans, Guinness Brewery

Guinness Draught Stout, in a 1 pint pub can
Verdict: Tasty, but no longer one of my favorites. Buy for corned beef meals, but otherwise choose other beers.

Maker: Guinness Brewery, Dublin, Ireland

Style: Irish stout

Description: black, malty, with a great head. Just a tad bitter in the finish, and so thick that most laser pointers won’t penetrate it (yes, I’ve checked. It’s something I do with good, dark beers). Best poured hard, especially the pub cans with the nitrogen inserts inside.

Story: The first time I recall having Guinness was in college at Penn State. I’d turned 21 at the start of spring semester and had a buddy with a car, so we drove to the beer distributor outside State College, PA. I don’t recall what he bought, but I bought a case of Guinness because it was cheap and looked good. I probably had had it by then as I wouldn’t have wasted what little spending cash I had on a completely unknown beer, but I don’t recall having it before this.

Over the course of several weeks I drank my way through the Guinness (well, minus the ones I let my roommate drink) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ever since then I drink Guinness at least once a year, but not usually much more than that. I’ve come to find that there are a lot of US stouts that I like as much or more than I do Guinness. But every year, around St. Patrick’s day, I make a big meal of corned beef and cabbage, and I eat it with Guinness. At this point it’s become one of my traditions.

I’ve heard from good friends who have visited the brewery in Dublin and drank Guinness in Ireland that the beer is much different from what we get here in the states. I look forward to someday having the opportunity to discover this for myself.

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