We need to move past 9/11

I’m glad I’m not a politician because I don’t think I could summon the necessary patriotic fervor today. Eventually we have to leave horrible things like 9/11 in the past. Reopening the wounds every year just keeps us from healing, and the US desperately needs to heal.

The US suffered from collective insanity after the attacks and implemented a number of terrible policies that are still in place today. It will take truly healing for us to move past them. And rightist politicians continue to stoke the fear that was kindled by the attacks.

9/11 was, in many respects, the final catalyst for the rise of American fascism that has happened since.

In a lot of ways the terrorists achieved what they set out to do. They did destroy America as she was at the time and, given the rise of American fascism since, may yet destroy America entirely.

But that’s not what politicians are going to tell us. Even the ones who realize the truth of it won’t say so for fear of “patriotic” backlash. And so I’m especially glad I’m not a politician today.

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