Beer Review: Furious IPA, by Surly Brewing

Verdict: It grew on me a little as I finished it, but it’s not to my taste. Too bitter, like most IPAs. Don’t buy again.

Maker: Surly Brewing Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Style: India Pale Ale

Description: A little hazy, redder than the standard IPA, but as someone who has enjoyed red IPAs in the past, this one was just too bitter for me. My first sip was just shy of “dump this down the drain” on my bitterness scale. Moderate alcohol content (6.7 per the Surly website), which is nice given most non-session IPAs have a lot of alcohol these days.

This is someone’s favorite IPA, but it’s not my beer

Story: I figured that, with the red can, this would be a red IPA that I might enjoy. I might have enjoyed it, but I didn’t. I’m glad I only bought a single in a pick-six from the liquor store because I would have left the other five for a buddy.

Just a reminder since my last review was in August – my reviews are what I like, don’t like, and why. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with me – everyone’s taste buds are different.

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