Donald is a horrible human being

Image credit: Sam Smith, Scholars & Rogues
When COVID-19 hit, I had been semi-regularly updating a massive database of horrible behavior by Donald Trump and his Administration, plus a few close allies. My list is over 3100 unique instances of disgusting behavior. Since COVID, though, I’ve not been collecting as many items and I’ve paused my updates. Dealing with all the upheaval that came with the pandemic necessarily took priority.

I’m not sure when or even if I’ll resume updating the database, but when you’ve got 3100+ unique instances of loathsome behavior already documented, there comes a point where it’s fair to ask how many more you need to prove to people that Donald is a horrible human being. If they can’t be convinced by a database like this, they probably can’t be convinced by anything.

In light of today’s defacto declaration of martial law, in case you’re wondering, there are 190 separate instances of Donald being explicitly fascist, 109 instances of his white supremacy, and 77 instances of him supporting police brutality and the creation of a police state. And that doesn’t even include the 85 instances of being OK with or approving of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Or the 21 instances of overt anti-semitism. Or the 549 instances of racism.

And if you heard him say in today’s Rose Garden announcement that the United States was built on the rule of law, take that with a grain of salt. Or perhaps 624 grains of salt, one for each time he attacked the rule of law. And maybe add another 258 grains for those times he rejected the idea of equal protection under the law.

And that’s got nothing on his authoritarianism (1201 unique instances).

Please share this database – the link above is accessible to all. Copy it and use it as evidence against anyone who might be convinced to not vote for Donald on November 3. And let’s all hope that we will still have an election then.

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  1. I’m glad you did this! I feel like each month I forget what dangerous, horrible thing he said or did the month before. Hell, sometimes I forget the next week because it happens so often. We’ve almost forgotten what he did to get impeached and that was THIS YEAR.

    I also really appreciate your COVID updates. I live in Colorado and it helps to have someone break down the data for us laymen.

    1. At our house we split events that happened “in the before times,” pre-COVID, and since. It really is hard to remember so much from before COVID.

      The database came about because I didn’t want to forget and because I wanted to see the trend toward an American fascism, if there was one. And boy howdy, there was one.

      Thanks for reading!

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