Hunker Down Double IPA, by Resolute Brewing (updated)

Hunker Down Double IPA, by Resolute Brewing
Verdict: Like most IPAs, this would not be my first choice beer under most circumstances. But between this and hard core hop juice, I’d drink it again. After a full four-pack, this beer grew on me a bit, but it still won’t be a regular drink.

Maker: Resolute Brewing, Centennial, CO

Style: Double IPA

Description: The Hunker Down smells strongly hoppy, but to taste it’s not as bitter as the smell would suggest. The IBUs isn’t on the can, but it’s only 65 and quite smooth. Very hoppy, but not really bitter, which is fine for me. Not my wife’s cup of tea (she gave me the rest of her’s to finish), but she’s someone who likes bitter hop juice. Just a head’s up – it’s 8.5 ABV, so plan accordingly.

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