Beer review: Breakfast Stout, by Founders Brewing Company

Verdict: Don’t get again, but don’t turn it down if there’ nothing else dark in the cooler. There’s nothing wrong with the beer (well, besides the label) but there’s nothing particular to recommend it either.

Maker: Founders Brewing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Style: Double chocolate coffee oatmeal stout

Description: Reasonably bitter, moderate coffee flavor, but I can’t really taste much of the chocolate. For a beer that’s “double chocolate” and touts the chocolate in the beer, it’s a bit disappointing. It has a smell that’s vaguely of nutmeg, which is pleasant enough, but if there’s nutmeg in the Breakfast Stout, it’s just in the nose. All in all it’s an 8.3% ABV “meh.” There are chocolate stouts I like better, coffee stouts I like better, and oatmeal stouts I like better too.

Story: There’s something very off-putting about this beer’s label. So much so that I had scrupulously avoided buying it and only drank it because my local store swapped it in for something that was out of stock. I’m sure that the label gets some drinkers to try it, but it did the exact opposite to me.

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