Beer review: Imperial Java Stout, by Santa Fe Brewing Company

Imperial Java Stout, by Santa Fe Brewing
Verdict: Definitely buy again, but not an everyday beer. Delicious, but with the high ABV and caffeine content, it’s a sipper and not for right before going to bed. Best enjoyed in the afternoon.

Maker: Santa Fe Brewing Company, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Style: Imperial stout

Description: Strong coffee flavor, a little bitter (but it’s hard to tell if that’s the hops IBUs or the coffee) with nice malty sweetness that’s almost reminiscent of dark chocolate. High caffeine content and ABV (8.0%). If you don’t really like coffee beers, this is not your beer. Also, don’t drink this beer late at night as you may find yourself both too wired to sleep and unsafe to drive.

Story: My most recent purchase showed up because the coffee stout I asked for was out of stock at Total Beverage in Westminster, Colorado (one of several stores I buy from) when I did a COVID-19 online liquor order. I’d had the Java several times before, so I knew what I was in for.

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