Beer review: Kilt Lifter Scottish amber ale, by Four Peaks Brewing

Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale, by Four Peaks Brewing Co. of Tempe, Az
Verdict: OK, if a little disappointing. Probably don’t buy again, but don’t turn down a freebie or if it’s the only dark beer in the cooler either.

Maker: Four Peaks Brewing Co., Tempe, Arizona

Style: Scottish ale

Description: Very malty, kinda sweet, nice amber color. I smell just a hint of citrus from the hops. My main complaint is that it’s too smooth and doesn’t have enough bite for what I like in a Scottish ale. Maybe that’s because I used to drink Scottish ales that were harsh to the palate and arguably an acquired taste (although some were so harsh that I’m not sure why anyone would choose to acquire said taste).

For those of you who enjoy scotch whiskey, this is like drinking a too smooth blended Lowland malt when you were hoping for a bit more of the Highlands but didn’t want to go all the way to an Islay.

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