Beer review: Fire Captain Irish Red Ale, by Horse & Dragon Brewery

Fire Captain Irish Red Ale, by Horse & Dragon Brewing Company
Verdict: Tasty. Buy again when in the mood for a red.

Brewery: Horse & Dragon Brewing, Fort Collins, CO

Style: red ale

Description: Nice red color. Hazy instead of clear. Not a ton of carbonation and very little head. Just a hint of hoppy bitterness, nicely malty.

Note: I am not a professional beer reviewer, and these reviews are not intended to be well informed. They’re simply what I like or not and, where possible, why I like it (or not). Take with a grain of salt.

Also, as I’m starting this review process, expect a lot of new stuff showing up. But that will slowly fall off in frequency simply because my local grocery store and liquor stores don’t have an infinite variety of beers in styles I like, and I like having “standby” beers, wines, and liquors.

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