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Climate science discussion between Burt Rutan and Brian Angliss

January 31, 2012


S&R's collection of a discussion on human-caused climate disruption between Brian Angliss, S&R climate/science writer and electrical engineer, and Burt Rutan, aerospace engineer and former CEO of Scaled Composites.

An open letter to Burt Rutan, regarding his WSJ commentary on human-caused climate disruption

January 27, 2012


[Update: My original post, Burt Rutan’s comments, and my responses to his comments have been copied here. That post has closed comments and will be updated with any further discussion Burt and I have, either in the massive comment thread below or independently. If you’re interested in just Burt’s and my discussion to date, minus […]

And the oil cleanup X-Prize goes to….

October 19, 2011


The original X-Prize was for a private spaceship, and the goal was to prove that a privately developed manned spaceship was viable. The Ansari X-Prize (named for it’s financial sponsor) was $10 million, and it was won by Scaled Composites in in 2004. Since then, the X-Prize Foundation has turned its attention to more practical […]