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Heartland Institute’s latest climate-related media advisory filled with the usual distortions

October 21, 2011


The Heartland Institute has a history of distorting climate science and lying about climate scientists. Their latest climate-related media advisory is no exception.

Mann’s critics not appeased by NSF investigation, extend unfounded “whitewash” accusations to NSF itself

September 15, 2011


The OIG confirmed Penn State's result that Michael Mann was not guilty of research misconduct. So where are all Mann's critics admitting they were wrong about him?

NSF clears Mann of misconduct implications made by Sen. Inhofe (updated)

September 1, 2011


National Science Foundation inspectors reject implications of misconduct made by Sen. Inhofe against Michael Mann.

NSF confirms results of Penn State investigation, exonerates Michael Mann of research misconduct

August 27, 2011


National Science Foundation inspectors concur with Penn State's exoneration of Michael Mann on allegations of research misconduct.

Milloy proves he’s either incompetent or a liar in latest op-ed

May 20, 2011


In his Washington Times op-ed titled 2012 GOP guide to the climate debate,” commentator Steve Milloy made a large number of claims that are demonstrably wrong – 18 at last count. But one of his claims relating to the illegal hack and release of climate scientists’ emails dubbed “Climategate” casts a shadow over all the […]

Milloy’s latest climate op-ed riddled with errors

May 18, 2011


Today, the Washington Times ran an op-ed by science-denier-for-hire Steve Milloy titled “2012 GOP guide to the climate debate.” Based on the number of errors and irrelevancies masquerading as serious concerns I discovered while reading it, the Washington Times should have titled the op-ed “How to lie to voters about climate disruption.” Here’s a brief […]

Latest hearing shows GOP is the Ministry of Magic to climate disruption’s Death Eaters

April 5, 2011


In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the Ministry of Magic eases Voldmort's rise to power by refusing to admit he's back and his Death Eaters are dangerous. The March 31 climate hearing showed that the GOP has become the Ministry of Magic to human-caused climate disruption's Death Eaters.