The Geek Manifesto

Posted on April 5, 2011


This hit my email a few minutes ago, and as a proud geek myself, I just had to share.

The Geek Manifesto

We are geeks, and we are proud to be.

We are rational; we understand cause and effect; we understand consequences; we understand loosely-coupled distributed self-organizing systems with multiple redundant communication channels.

We are a community of geeks, not individuals entirely subject to our employers’ whims. Our personal contacts make up the backbone of the world-wide GeekWeb.

The world we live in could not function without us. It would not exist without our intellectual forebears. We have power, to do or to not do. Together, we have ultimate power. An individual can be corrupted; a community of peers cannot. Our work demands honesty. We demand it of each other. Without a central command structure there is no one to corrupt.

With power comes responsibility. We are smarter than the plutocrats. We know that their agenda will drive the world to hell, and their wealth will not insulate them from the consequences. The world has been there before. The time will come when action is necessary. We will decide how to decide. We will know what to do.

Spread the word.

Let’s see where this goes, shall we?