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The Weekly Carboholic: Climate disruption will disrupt volcanism too

September 23, 2009


Climate disruption will disrupt volcanism too EPA Office of Inspector General finds standard gases not so standard after all Driest years in Pacific Northwest drier than expected Northeast Passage opened this year for commercial shipping 12% of the merchant marine fleet is idled Recycling used plastic into fuel US Chamber of Commerce and car dealer […]

Oxygen isotope proxy errors corrected in Greenland ice cores

September 22, 2009


Scientists, mariners, and weather hobbyists started directly measuring temperature with thermometers globally in the late 1800s. When modern climatologists want temperature data farther back in time than those first global measurements, they have to use things called “proxies.” A proxy for temperature is something that, when calibrated properly, indirectly measures temperature. The most common proxies […]

How to use physics to make yourself look good

September 16, 2009


Back in August, the UK government administration (collectively known as Whitehall) was criticized by Members of Parliament for failing to meet their own carbon emission targets. On September 15, UK Cabinet Office minister Angela Smith claimed in a BBC article that Whitehall had “saved enough carbon dioxide to fill almost 2,500 Olympic-sized swimming pools.” 2,500 […]

Campaign finance hearing may have ramifications for corporate personhood

September 10, 2009


According to Fortune Magazine, the largest American company in 2009 was Exxon Mobil Its total revenues were $442.85 billion. Second was Wal-Mart, with total revenues of $405.61 billion. Rounding out the top 10 were Chevron ($263.16 billion), ConocoPhillips ($230.76 billion), General Electric ($183.21 billion), General Motors ($148.98 billion), Ford Motor ($146.28 billion), AT&T ($124.03 billion), […]

The Weekly Carboholic: EPA Office of the Inspector General recommends EPA enforce Clean Water Act

September 9, 2009


EPA Office of the Inspector General recommends EPA enforce Clean Water Act Climate change lobbyists grow by 31% leading up to ACES vote New information suggests climate change accelerating glacial erosion Wind turbines mistaken for tornadoes First deep water tethered wind turbine now operational Rare earth metals and renewable energy Last week, the New Orleans […]

Study: climate views of U.S. break down into six broad categories

September 5, 2009


Last week, the Yale Project on Climate Change and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communications released their 2009 “Six America’s” study. The study finds that the U.S. population can be broadly broken up into six different categories that the study’s authors name as follows: Alarmed, Concerned, Cautious, Disengaged, Doubtful, and Dismissive. Here’s […]

Duke energy withdraws from ACCCE

September 4, 2009


On Wednesday, September 2, Duke Energy announced that they were withdrawing from membership in the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE), an industry group composed of utilities, mining companies, and other companies involved in the mining, transportation, and combustion of coal. In response, the ACCCE issued a bland statement that didn’t even mention Duke […]