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The Weekly Carboholic: NE Pacific clouds observed to amplify warming

July 31, 2009


NE Pacific clouds observed to amplify warming Skeptical Inquirer publisher calls Inhofe’s list uncredible The ozone hole has reduced ocean CO2 absorption Clinton Climate Initiative and Microsoft partner on Project 2° We might as well drive Model-Ts The question of whether clouds are a positive or a negative feedback is one of the biggest remaining […]

Bonner & Associates forges documents in opposition to climate bill

July 31, 2009


There are many people and organizations in the United States who oppose the American Climate and Energy Security Act (ACES), and many of them have mailed letters, written emails, and called their Representatives and Senators in an effort to convince their legislator to vote against ACES. Some of ACES’ opponents have deep enough pockets that […]

The greening of a high alpine lake

July 31, 2009


Earlier this week, for the first time in at least eight years, I revisited one of my favorite places on the Earth that I’ve yet experienced. It’s a snowmelt-filled, glacier-carved alpine lake just below treeline in Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s surrounded by tall cliffs and you have to scramble over boulders to get to […]

The Weekly Carboholic watches "The Day After Tomorrow"

July 26, 2009


I’m not someone who demands scientific authenticity in my movies. I’m far more concerned with whether or not the movie is good entertainment than I am with whether the science is right. For example, Deep Impact and Armageddon both came out in 1998. Deep Impact is by far the more scientifically accurate of the two. […]

Planes, trains, or automobiles? Green transportation choices are not clear cut

July 20, 2009


When studies look at the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by transportation, the focus is nearly always on the emissions created in fuel combustion – gasoline and diesel for cars and trucks, bunker fuels for maritime vessels, jet fuel for aircraft, and so on. One excellent example of this kind of study is the Getting […]

The Weekly Carboholic: Gas industry's own fracking studies don't support industry claims

July 15, 2009


Gas industry’s own fracking studies don’t support industry claims Can concentrating photovoltaic compete with solar thermal and standard photovoltaic? Wind turbines may affect weather Geoengineering doesn’t help acidification New study on the PETM raises questions, but no answers New climate idea might break US-China emissions stalemate “Fracking” is the slang term used for hydraulic fracturing, […]

Hooray! El Nino is back!

July 13, 2009


It’s probably selfish of me to be reasonably pleased that el Nino conditions have reappeared in the Pacific. El Nino means real hardship for real people in Australia, Indonesia, and India, and some will lose their livelihoods and/or lives as a result of the droughts that come with el Nino. Similarly, el Nino tends to […]