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Senator Claire McCaskill tweets to weaken ACES (updated)

June 30, 2009


Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri is calling for a further weakening of the American Climate and Energy Security Act (ACES) that passed out of the House last week. Of course, that’s not what she calls it. Sen. McCaskill twittered last week: I hope we can fix cap and trade so it doesn’t unfairly punish businesses […]

The Weekly Carboholic: Early deaths cost Appalachia more than coal jobs earn

June 24, 2009


Early deaths cost Appalachia more than coal jobs earn Emission of strong GHGs exceed IPCC emissions scenarios and expected to continue to do so Raytheon testing oil shale tech to sequester CO2 Appalachia has some of the most impoverished communites in the United States. The entire region is economically depressed as compared to the national […]

IMF and flu preparedness don't belong in Iraq war supplemental funding

June 22, 2009


What do all these things have in common: Cash-for-clunkers, IMF funding, pandemic flu preparations, and anti-narcotic aid to Mexico? They’re all considered “supplemental war funding” that the Senate approved in a late-night session July 18th. Excuse me, Mr. President, but I thought I heard you promise not to use supplemental war funding bills any more. […]

The Weekly Carboholic: study says offsets make ACES carbon cap almost meaningless

June 17, 2009


Study says offsets make ACES carbon cap almost meaningless China rejects binding GHG cuts USGS study suggests peak coal may be closer than previously thought FutureGen coal CCS pilot project revived EU needs to upgrade its electricity transmission Deep water wind turbine undergoing testing More wind power means fewer hydroelectric dams? Michael Shellenberger is one […]

The Weekly Carboholic: Port of Long Beach powers BP supertankers with electricity

June 10, 2009


Port of Long Beach powers BP supertankers with electricity Most companies don’t mention climate change in annual reports Scotch distilleries to cut fossil fuel use Videos show human effects on Earth Dependence is dependence, be it energy or minerals Maritime shipping is responsible for emitting 3% of global carbon emissions, roughly equal to air travel […]

Nuz Flash! Old story sez Sun makz climate change! Oh noes!!1!

June 5, 2009


Today, Memeorandum featured a post by climate disruption denier Michael Andrews and writer for the website DailyTech that claimed, among other things, that “even NASA’s own study acknowledges that solar variation has caused climate change in the past.” Not exactly news, but given that this article has been linked by other prominent denier sites like […]

The Weekly Carboholic: Devil in the ACES details – fossil fuel industry pork

June 3, 2009


Devil in the ACES details – fossil fuel industry pork Science academies call for Copenhagen to address ocean acidification Permafrost’s complex response to rising temperature Swiss RE expects a wave of climate litigation In any legislation that’s nearly 1000 pages long, it’s inevitable that there will be some interesting details. The American Clean Energy and […]