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Pertussis vaccine is safer for kids than not getting them vaccinated

May 29, 2009


In Colorado, you are allowed to enroll your children in school without them having had all their supposedly required vaccines. Instead, Colorado parents are allowed to sign a waiver and then enroll their children. According to a KCFR/Colorado Public Radio interview with a medical researcher working for Kaiser Permanente, this fact partly explains why Colorado […]

The Weekly Carboholic: GPS degradation to affect climate measurements too

May 28, 2009


GPS degradation to affect climate measurements too Secretary Chu suggests white roofs to combat climate disruption Ecuador wants cash to leave carbon underground Subsidies, quotas warping “renewable” definition According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the the Global Positioning System (GPS) could degrade significantly as early as next year. The GAO report says that the […]

Ambivalent and pessimistic: on Waxman-Markey

May 21, 2009


I don’t know what to make of the monstrosity that is the Waxman-Markey American Climate, Energy, and Security Act (ACES) that just passed the House Energy and Commerce Committee (E&C). It’s nearly 1000 pages long and initially faced at least 449 Republican amendments. It’s a mess. After thinking about it for a while, I’ve concluded […]

The Weekly Carboholic: Climate disruption lowering Juneau sea level

May 19, 2009


Climate disruption lowering Juneau sea level Paper shows cooler periods entirely expected Convert biomass to electricity instead of ethanol There’s a few reasons that I prefer the phrase “climate disruption” over “global warming” or even “climate change.” One of those reasons is that “climate disruption” describes what’s happening around the world in a way that […]

ACCCE's "72% of opinion leaders" claim is unsupported bunk

May 8, 2009


The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity is running an advertisement at the Washington Post and The Hill websites which makes the following claim: 72% of opinion leaders support coal electricity. The ACCCE touts this claim repeatedly at their various websites, but there is so little information available about the study that produced this claim […]

The Weekly Carboholic: CBO produces climate analysis

May 6, 2009


CBO produces climate analysis HFC phaseout struggle at the White House The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is well known for producing strictly non-partisan, tightly controlled and pretty conservative (as in careful not to overreach) economic forecasts for the effects of legislation on the national economy. These forecasts are usually quantitative in nature, giving dollar estimates […]

FDIC screws community banks

May 2, 2009


The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the very organization created to guarantee deposits against bank runs and failures, is instead about to guarantee that their services are in greater demand. They’re doing this by requiring all banks, large and small, to pay a one time charge of 20 cents per $100 of deposits (aka 20 […]