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Tom Hanks apologizes to Prop-8 Mormons, but shouldn't have

January 23, 2009


Last week, actor Tom Hanks called Mormons who supported California’s Proposition 8 “un-American.” Today Hanks apologized. He shouldn’t have, because he’s right. Anyone who would support curtailing the civil rights of a minority group is un-American. Codifying discrimination in a state constitution or in the U.S. Constitution is un-American. And supporting people who aim to […]

EPA and ICE raid Executive Recycling (Update #2)

January 23, 2009


Update #2: The Rocky Mountain News has an article on its website that actually has a little more information than the previous 9News-based reports did. It says, in part: Some competitors and watchdog groups believe Executive Recycling has been a knowing violator of the rules. Henry Renteria-Vigio, owner of Sheridan-based Next Generation Inc., a competitor […]