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Kingston, TN sings "Auld Lang Sludge" (Update #2)

December 31, 2008


Update #2: NASA’s Earth Observatory has false-color LandSat images of before and after the spill. Amazing shots. I’ll add them to the image slideshow rotation above when I have a chance. Update#1: Appalachian Voices’ Frontporch blog is reporting that the independent water samples taken from the Emory River last week show that “[c]oncentrations of eight […]

Tennessee coal ash slide, Day 3

December 24, 2008


UPDATE: Greenpeace sent a photographer to the area, and while the photographer was prevented from getting close, he got some good shots here. Also, both CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News devoted primetime to this “sludgeslide” (below the cut). And finally, frontpage NYTimes tomorrow AM will have this article on the ashslide: Coal Ash […]

"Clean" coal ash flood may make new Superfund site (Update #4)

December 23, 2008


Latest link updates are at the bottom of the page. Update #2 & 3: New links added. Update #1: New information included below the cut and some corrections below. A major environmental disaster occurred yesterday, but few news outlets outside Tennessee appear to be covering it: 2.6 million cubic yards (about 525 million gallons) of […]

The Weekly Carboholic: low carbon holiday ideas

December 17, 2008


Low-carbon holiday ideas Hurricane Ike biochar Inhofe the climate Scrooge Population and climate disruption Methane hydrate drilling in Alaska Freezing permafrost emits methane Arctic ice-free by 2015? Guardian says it may be too late already Companies not forecasting for climate change The holidays tend to be high-energy, high-waste, and thus high-carbon. The following sites have […]

Presumed guilty in Illinois

December 16, 2008


What the hell has happened to “innocent until proven guilty” in the state of Illinois? Since when did mob rule – composed of the Illinois state legislature, much of the state and national media, and even President-elect Barack Obama himself – replace the rule of law? Governor Rod Blagojevich may – may – be guilty […]

EPA violations by Executive Recyling unclear

December 12, 2008


The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has accused Executive Recycling (ER) of Englewood, Colorado of violations of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations regarding electronics waste (e-waste). As a result of the GAO report, the EPA is now investigating ER. But an S&R investigation into the findings of the GAO report, the EPA regulations and ER’s actions […]

Reality campaign's first ad (updated)

December 4, 2008


Reality. This is the name of a new campaign by the combined might of the Sierra Club, the Alliance for Climate Protection, the National Wildlife Federation, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the League of Conservation Voters that was officially launched yesterday. Its aim is to oppose all the bogus “clean coal” advertising that the […]