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The Weekly Carboholic: water vapor effect on climate measured

November 26, 2008


Water vapor effect on climate measured New data says southern ocean still absorbing CO2 Ocean acidifying faster than expected Missing radiation signature points to thinning Tibetan glaciers “Cash for Clunkers” to get old gas hogs off the road Portugal commits to electric vehicles by 2011 One of the larger problem with climate models, and with […]

Banks forced to take bailout money they don't want or need

November 25, 2008


There are thousands of banks in the United States, most of which are local and have less than a billion dollars in assets. Some of them are even making a profit this year because they were careful and didn’t expose themselves to the mortgage and credit crises. Some of them were (gasp!) risk averse and […]

Executive Recycling responses to 60 Minutes

November 19, 2008


A couple of days ago I posted a 60 Minutes segment that shows how illegal e-waste recycling work, with Colorado-based Executive Recycling (ER) as exhibit A. ER has since posted two responses to the 60 Minutes piece on their website, but later removed the first. Thanks to the miracle of Google’s cache system (and some […]

The Weekly Carboholic: Green construction does not always mean "natural"

November 19, 2008


Green construction does not always mean “natural” Skeptic Magazine’s blog debunks Global Warming Petition Project UNESCO’s aquifer map a guide to future water conflict? New data on charcoal in soil raises carbon questions Wave and tidal energy growing pains Update on hybrid vehicle technology The R-value for a 2×4 pine wall stud in a wood […]

Executive Recycling probably kills kids in China (Updated)

November 16, 2008


UPDATE: Google has a cached copy of the (since removed) response by Executive Recycling to the 60 Minutes piece below and the GAO report mentioned in the 60 Minutes piece. Here’s the Google cached page (for as long as it stays cached, anyway), and page 25 (pdf page 29) of this GAO report has the […]

New EDF poll statistically invalid due to biased questions

November 14, 2008


Environmental Defense Fund’s latest poll claims that most Americans want climate change addressed as Congress tackles the economic problems facing the United States. But there’s a fundamental problem with EDF’s poll: the questions are so biased that the results are statistically meaningless. In addition, one poll question mentioned in the pollster’s summary slides is not […]

The Weekly Carboholic: Stalagmite suggests climate disruption may have changed monsoons

November 12, 2008


Cave record suggests AGW changed monsoons since 1960 Heritage Foundation’s math wrong on green jobs American Medical Association: address climate disruption Australia considers large scale desalinization Rev. Cizek lobbying on environment in Australia Expectations on Obama’s changes to energy and climate policy Stalactites are rock formations in caves that hang down from the cave ceiling, […]