Happy Samhain to all

Posted on October 31, 2008


Some of us here at S&R follow a non-monotheistic spirituality of some sort, and I for one celebrate tonight as Samhain, Celtic new year, the harvest festival, and the time of the year when the Veil grows thinnest. Tonight I honor my ancestors and bid farewell to those who have died during the last year.

But Samhain isn’t a time of mourning. It’s a time of celebration. The dead have moved beyond pain or sadness, and we have (metaphorically) harvested food enough to last through the long winter. Samhain is a time to celebrate, and in the spirit of all joyous holidays, I’d like to take this moment to wish you all a Happy Samhain.

Now don’t get too blotto on hard cider and Pixy Sticks. 🙂

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