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Did you notice that all polling organizations are liberal?

October 22, 2008


Did you know that Fox News is a liberal news organization? Not because it’s part of the so-called liberal media, but rather because Fox is based in the liberal bastion of New York City. Following similar “logic”, DJ Drummond has labeled every single polling organization in the U.S. as liberal because they’re headquartered in liberal […]

The Weekly Carboholic: so much for the "1970s cooling consensus" myth

October 22, 2008


70’s “cooling consensus” never existed Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf to be studied Efficiency created 1.46 million California jobs Memo: CO2, wildlife conflicts of interest OK Rolls-Royce developing efficient new propeller engines for commercial aircraft Reduce packaging to save money, CO2 Most scientists and activists who understand the realities of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) have […]