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WordsDay: Entropy in literature

March 26, 2008


Ozymandias Source: Jack Cohen Art, Shadows exhibit The universe is destined to die. Some physicists believe that this death will occur as the rate of expansion tears every atom apart. Others believe that the Second Law of Thermodynamics means that, trillions of years into the future, all that will be left is the universal background […]

Supreme Court inserts head up ass over treaty obligations

March 26, 2008


Yesterday, the Supreme Court threw our entire diplomatic corps, the State Department, and possibly every treaty the U.S. has ever signed that is still in force, into complete disarray. And in the process, the Court may have inflicted more harm to our national authority and international standing than anything President Bush II has done to […]

The Weekly Carboholic: US coal exports boost electricity prices and China's CO2 emissions

March 26, 2008


According to the New York Times, the U.S. has begun exporting coal to countries like Japan, Germany, India, and China. In the process, our domestic coal prices have risen more, percentage rise, than oil prices have risen over the last year. And the reason we’re voluntarily increasing the prices of our electricity and steel? Foreign […]