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VerseDay: Poetry really does matter

February 29, 2008


On Wednesday, I “officially” became a journalist. Through the encouragement of several of my fellow Scrogues here, and my work on a number of issues that I’ve published here, I was accepted for membership by the Society of Environmental Journalists and received notice of my acceptance Wednesday. It’s an absolutely wild feeling, a strange combination […]

Bloomberg for… some other candidate

February 28, 2008


Michael R. Bloomberg, mayor of New York, has come out again and said that he’s not running for president, and that he won’t run even if we beg, and that he’ll support whichever candidate abandons party orthodoxy and works for real national solutions in a guest commentary in the New York Times today. Sigh. I’d […]

The Weekly Carboholic

February 27, 2008


In 1990, Congress revised the Clean Air Act to enable utilities to use market efficiencies to lower sulfur dioxide (SO2)pollution from power plants. In response to this cap-and-trade system, utilities have reduced SO2 pollution by 30% more than the federal government required. A similar mechanism has been suggested for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Earlier […]

40 years later – why not a floor fight?

February 24, 2008


Something I haven’t had the time to understand is why everyone seems to think that the floor fight at the Democratic National Convention of 1968 was so bad. I heard tonight an interview of the Governor of Michigan (and superdelegate) who said that everyone wanted the candidate decided before the convention in Denver – Obama, […]

2005 Colorado public education survey not statistically valid

February 22, 2008


Fundamentally, there is a right way to gather statistical data, and there’s a wrong way. A few months ago, a survey that purported to question the consensus surrounding anthropogenic global heating illustrated, in egregious fashion, the wrong way. The “survey” asked poorly phrased and biased questions designed to be spinnable to’s propaganda goals. The […]

The Weekly Carboholic

February 20, 2008


A new study by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology and reported in the Asahi Shimbum (English edition) says that Russian permafrost has been melting deeper and faster than previous studies indicated. Specifically, the average temperature of the permafrost has risen almost to melting, the depth of melt has doubled since 2000, and […]

The Weekly Carboholic

February 13, 2008


Germany has made a decision to abandon nuclear energy. No nation has to use nuclear energy for their electricity needs – there are abundant alternatives, and Germany has a plethora of alternatives. Unfortunately, according to the Washington Post, Germany is finding that their anti-nuclear, green impulse has had an unintended consequence – they’re transitioning away […]