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SBInet's Project 28 behind schedule and over budget

December 31, 2007


Radar towers with automatic video cameras for target identification. Seismic sensors to detect and differentiate human footfalls from cattle and smugglers from border patrol agents. Satellite phones to communicate outside of cell phone contact. Laptops in border patrol vehicles linked to a satellite comm system to integrate the automated sensors with agents ready to be […]

Personal use is copyright infringement?

December 31, 2007


In the latest example of how the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has utterly failed to understand and adapt to the changing music landscape, RIAA has brought suit against a man for copying his legally purchased CDs to his personal computer for personal use. In legal documents in its federal case against Jeffrey Howell, […]

Undercity Gotham – the conclusion

December 29, 2007


Sylvie had been cut off mid sentence. Alex’s prospective assassins must have set up a commlink jammer that cut out the cemetery’s remaining wifi service. That Kawashira-san would spend that expense meant that Alex had been right to arm himself for war back at his penthouse. He just hoped that his assault rifle, armor, and […]

Undercity Gotham Continues at The Daedalnexus

December 28, 2007


Alex sat on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and waited for Kawashira-san and his soldiers to show up. The Met was more or less in its original form, saved via a concerted effort by the people of New York to rescue one of the city’s few remaining landmarks. It had been covered […]

Introducing Undercity Gotham – Part 1

December 27, 2007


Writing fiction is a bitch when you’re starting out. You come up with what you hope is a new idea that will draw people in, you develop the characters and setting, figure out the rough plot, and then find that you started writing your story in the wrong tense, or you started too early in […]

The Weekly Carboholic

December 26, 2007


According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved the first wave power program in the United States. The program is for four 250 kW bouys anchored in Makah Bay off the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Finavera Renewables, a renewable energy company out of Vancouver, British Columbia, […]

I'm dreaming of a cluster bomb Christmas…

December 24, 2007


It’s the holiday season – tomorrow is Christmas, so naturally, the thing we all want to talk about is cluster bombs. As if Weird Al’s Christmas at Ground Zero wasn’t bad enough – at least that’s just a song about the fictional end of the world. Cluster bombs are all too real. And today the […]