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We Berate, You Deride – A look at Steven J. Milloy's current affiliates and backers

November 28, 2007


On Monday we looked at the “first ever” survey of IPCC scientists and concluded that not only was it useless as statistics and science, but that it only served as anti-global heating propaganda. Yesterday we looked at the people and organizations around Steven J. Milloy of and and we concluded that the work […]

ESA decisions reversed due to "inappropriate influence"

November 27, 2007


Good news today regarding the Endangered Species Act: US Reverses Endangered Species Rulings. Apparently a Bush appointee by the name of Julie MacDonald exerted political pressure on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to deny increase protection to a number of endangered species. According to the article, MacDonald resigned in May after the Interior Department’s […]

We Berate, You Deride – A closer look at the background of Steven J. Milloy, executive director of

November 27, 2007


Yesterday we looked at a survey produced by that claims to show a complete lack scientific consensus on global heating. And I illustrated that the survey was so crippled by bad methodology, poor question design, and selection biases that it could have only one purpose – anti-global heating propaganda. Today we turn our attention […]

We Berate, You Deride –'s survey on the scientific consensus surrounding global heating

November 26, 2007


Reality is a hard nut to crack – it doesn’t give up its secrets easily. When scientists researching the Earth’s climate realized that humanity was the major driving force behind observed global heating, many people didn’t believe it. Some couldn’t accept that our collective activity was overwhelming natural forces like changes in solar irradiance and […]

Ruth Marcus takes on Paul Krugman – and wins this round.

November 21, 2007


NYTimes commentator Paul Krugman is an economist who tackles all sorts of issues beyond just the economy, and I’ve been reading him since the early 1990s when I first discovered the New York Times. While I find I agree with him on a great many issues, I cannot understand his recent downplaying of the problem […]

Bush: Don't bug me with those pesky facts

November 16, 2007


E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post has a great commentary on the budget and Iraq up today that I would like to point people to. The quote that really grabbed me was this one: Consider only this number: Interest costs on Iraq-related debt will be more than $23 billion for fiscal 2008. That sum is […]

Founder of the Weather Channel discredits himself on global heating

November 9, 2007


John Coleman is the meteorologist for San Diego’s KUSI, but he’s also the man who founded – The Weather Channel. And today he posted a commentary about global heating that reads more like an irrational screed than a reasonable critique of the science and politics of global heating.