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Earth to Bush: “Goals aren’t enough and never will be” – An introduction to the tactics of smart energy policy

September 28, 2007


At the end of this week’s White House-sponsored Major Economies Meeting on Energy Security and Climate Change, President Bush said “We will set a long-term goal for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. By setting this goal, we acknowledge there is a problem. And by setting this goal, we commit ourselves to doing something about it.” […]

New Medicare prescription rules for tamper-proof prescriptions pads hopefully delayed

September 27, 2007


UPDATE: President Bush signed this extension into law. Apparently medical professionals need to read every single line of every bill that Congress ever passes that the President approves, no matter how unrelated to medicine the bills actually are. On October 1st of this year, all prescriptions for Medicare patients were supposed to be written on […]

Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the MP3s of war

September 26, 2007


When Napster came on the scene in 1999 and garnished attention in 2000, the music industry’s response was to declare war on file sharing and digital music. And with their massive financial advantage, the music industry was the first to field their army of lawyers, copy-protected CDs, and usage-restricted music formats. But ever since, the […]

NRG Energy files the first nuclear power building permit since 1978

September 25, 2007


Today, NRG Energy of Princeton, New Jersey, will file the first permit to build a new nuclear reactor in 29 years. Not only that, but the permit actually covers two new reactors located at the Bay City, Texas nuclear plant. And by filing first, NRG Energy gets to partake of the maximum benefits from loan […]

Wiretapping and datatapping are both easy – if you’re the phone company

September 23, 2007


Tapping your phone is frighteningly easy these days. So is tapping your Internet data stream. A while back, I wrote an essay over on The Daedalnexus titled “Telephony 101 – aka wiretapping is easy if you’re the phone company.” I’ve decided to repost it here with a few updates in light of Martin’s post (and […]

Finally, a welcome extinction – TimesSelect

September 20, 2007


As of September 19, the New York Times’ subscription service for so-called premium content has been shut down, opening up free access to the NYTimes’ opinion and news commentators, online-only exclusives, and access to the archives back to 1987, content that had been subscription only since 2005. And the reason that the NYTimes is voluntarily […]

Ahoy! ‘Tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

September 19, 2007


Twas back in dark days of ’95 when Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket, in a bucket o’ rum induced stupor known as racquetball, dreamed up Talk Like a Pirate Day as they were firin’ cannonades at each other. But like two gulls among the flock, their holiday seemed doomed to a fate worse than death […]