The latest on melamine – it’s in more things, but they’re safe to eat

Posted on May 8, 2007


It’s official – the FDA, the CDC, the DHS, the USDA, and the EPA all worked together to determine that the chickens and pigs that were fed melamine-contaminate feed are safe to eat (link here). In fact, you can probably eat nothing but melamine-affected meat and still be at 1/2500th the official danger dose. This is such a large margin that even if we find in 10 years to have been off on the toxicity of melamine by a factor of 100, we’re still 1/10th the new danger dose – and that’s assuming you eat nothing but melamine-fed meat. Unfortunately, it now appears that the spiked gluten products were also sold to a Canadian company that converted it into fishmeal that is fed to farmed fish, but based on the same information above, I’m not worried.

Realistically, I think it’s a safe bet that every commercial meat in the U.S. that isn’t organically raised has been fed melamine-contaminated feed. Beef, chicken, pork, fish – it’s probably only a matter of time. So I’m not going to worry about melamine in the human food supply any longer (the pet supply, however, is another thing entirely) unless some new evidence surfaces that says melamine is a more potent carcinogen than dioxin.

Which, by the way, you get a lot of out of your grill. Probably more than you get melamine from the steak or chicken breast your grilling.

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